Monday, August 13, 2018

Still working on complex opportunity

Now I had to patch all teams and needed to make a promise that I would own up this opportunity including scheduling calls with this complex delivery expert. To ensure smoothness for the opportunity I have scheduled call with both new complex delivery expert and with old delivery expert with whom I had good rapport. Everything I was hoping to work out went out loose and was backfiring me, the new delivery expert was directly speaking with and he avoided speaking with my old delivery expert and the old delivery expert did the same. Of everyone in the call, I am the only person who didn’t have any clue about what’s happening in the call. After few discussions and mails, finally I figured out both had ego issues with each and I had to sort it out to complete this opportunity. However, they were in no mood to listen up with my discussion and was firing with each other on every call I had scheduled. I had very bad time of conveying message with respective delivery expert and was totally pissed off. Both delivery expert was curbing about each other in separate calls with me and was about to escalate each other. Continue reading at “G R Team Sites”

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