Saturday, October 12, 2013

Tapping into Your Creativity for Product Design Ideas

Are you an aspiring inventor? Many inventors fall into the profession by accident. They have a great idea and see it through. Others are curious by nature, enjoy building things, and are excellent problem-solvers. They can’t help but invent. Meanwhile, some people have an entrepreneurial spirit and long to make their ideas for products become commercial successes. No matter where you may fall on the inventor spectrum, if you want to be an inventor, you need ideas for products. Use these tips to tap into your creativity for product design ideas.

Become more curious – Learn to look at the world from different perspectives. For example, when you see a butterfly, observe and ask questions. Why does its wings shimmer? Why are they so powdery? While you may not use this particular knowledge in your inventions, becoming more curious and looking at things differently will serve you well throughout your life as an inventor.

Look for problems – Inventors develop products that solve problems, so it makes sense to be on the lookout for problems that you can solve. Start with problems that bother you personally and brainstorm product design ideas that can improve your life. Because you’ve become more curious, you’ve also become more observant, so use your observational skills to find problems others encounter (Source:

Hold regular brainstorming sessions – Brainstorming is a great way to put your product design ideas onto paper. Allow yourself to dream. Go ahead and write down even the wackiest of ideas for products. Some of these product design ideas may be goofy, but they could also spur you into discovering a related, but much better idea. If you had discounted that original wacky idea, you may not have dreamed up the better one.

Enjoy your free time – This is one field where you really can blend business with pleasure. Let your subconscious mind do some of the work. As you enjoy long walks, basketball games, or other pursuits, you may find that ideas for products pop into your mind!

Creativity is an important characteristic of inventors. Tap into your creativity and find a wealth of ideas for products.