Monday, January 18, 2021

How to execute IT projects for your business

Once you have selected your preferred IT team for implementation of enterprise platform for your business day-to-day operations and for enhanced customer experience with your business solutions. Here, we have listed how typical IT projects are executed for your business needs

  • The project would be implemented in a phased manner, with deliverables planned for each phase. Business owner sign-offs is required and would be obtained to close individual phases of the project. 
  • Typical IT implementation team would consist of Project Manager, functional consultants and technical consultants. The functional team would study the “As-Is” business process documentation and interact with the key subject matter experts to further ascertain if the current functions are fully covered. 
  • ├»Once To-be solution is finalized, it is essential for business owner to thoroughly review the proposed solution and ascertain whether any new solution components to be added or the proposal solution meets all the defined business requirements. 

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