Monday, November 23, 2020

How Apple ruined my plan of getting a new iPhone

I was using my wife’s android for the past few weeks and was quite frustrated about its complicated app permissions and access to gallery or contacts. I was waiting for the release of a new iPhone version, also there were rumors of Apple launching a cheaper version of the iPhone and later it turned out to be a smaller version of the iPhone. These rumors completely shattered my plans of getting the affordable latest version of the iPhone. However, I was still pessimistic about Apple launching a little lower priced version of the iPhone for the masses and miss out on some features for cost-cutting. I wanted to still hold up my plans of getting a new phone before the launch of the next version of the iPhone or wait a little longer to get a new iPhone. All this while, I was not using my wife’s android phone as much as I wanted to, due to its complicated app permissions and user interface lacking attention to detail. As all rumors pointing out a more expensive version of the latest iPhone and me getting frustrated with using an android phone, the most practical choice for me was to get a basic version of the iPhone or keep my wife’s android phone for a few more months. To know further about my phone plans, please feel free to check out blog posts in “G R Team Sites”

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Information to find Cheap dresses online

For most youngsters, dresses have become a style statement and a stylish option to reveal their attitude. However, in recent times finding unique and quality collection of dresses has been the most frustrating and difficult part. Most people's recommendations for finding a unique collection of dresses with affordable prices and outstanding quality would be to check out cheap dresses online through a reliable network. There may be a wide collection of online shopping networks on the internet, promising to offer a unique collection of dresses at cheap prices, but most networks on the web have a shortcoming in the quality of products and affordable collections offered to users. So, make sure that you check out trusted and reliable online shopping networks like lover-beauty to select your best-suited dresses. 
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Friday, September 4, 2020

Best compressors available from Dorin

If you are in the market looking for trusted and reliable compressor for your refrigeration and air conditioning systems, then the following information will be highly relevant for your needs. You may have known of different compressor manufacturer available in the market, promising you with high quality and reliable product. However, most compressor manufacturers out there in the market lack innovative options and longtime reliability of the product. So, make sure that you select reliable, trusted and quality compressors from long term leader in the market, like Dorin. Dorin is of the leading compressor manufacturers in the market, offering most diversified range of compressors for refrigeration and air conditioning systems with highest quality and reliability. Dorin offers innovative compressor solution for businesses, that no other competitor in its class could offer. 

Compressors manufactured from Dorin stands out from the competition on 3 major pointers such as 
  • Highest quality of Single components - Dorin manufacturing process includes rigorous testing of components to meet industry quality standards and to ensure its efficiency, reliability and robustness.
  • Production cycle process - All manufacturing phases adopted by Dorin are ISO9001-2008 certified and are subjected to constant controls to ensure its dependability. 
  • Flexible manufacturing process - While ensuring all manufacturing protocols are being adopted, Dorin have also implemented continuous innovation into its processes, that allows high level of customization of products at optimized cost and improved productivity. 
If you were looking for reliable compressor manufacturer for your refrigeration and air conditioning systems, then Dorin products will be the best and reliable option for your business. To know more about its product collection and other details, please feel free to check out the above-mentioned link.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Completed unwanted task list from Onsite team

After clarification from the onsite team, my entire focus should be on the task list shared and not to work on any other suggestions or comments from my manager or any other person for that matter. I was a bit relieved in this direction from the onsite team as all the task list shared by the onsite team would not take more than an hour and any inputs or suggestions from my manager will be irrelevant due to the clear directions from the onsite team. By the end of the day, I have completed all the tasks assigned by the onsite team and in the daily status calls, I presented my work to them. Surprisingly, there were no new suggestions or inputs from the onsite team, and they were acknowledging my effort on the task list. However, I did not know that all these efforts will be in vain and I had to start from scratch post clarification from the Client. To check out the new workload on this opportunity, please feel free to check out the blog posts listed in "G R Team Sites"

Monday, June 8, 2020

Job loss during Coronavirus

To recap shortly, I took a long vacation before Covid-19 pandemic striking across country and got mail communication from my office that my job is secured, and the situation would not impact my salary structure. Even though the mail communication was consoling about the job, there was slight fear in me about the status of my job, as there was not even a single mail communication happening in the team and it was bothering me more than anything else. I wanted to check with my colleague about the work status in our team and called him up to validate the same. We spoke for about 15 mins and the discussions were mainly focused on our future in the company and our job security. To my surprise, he was mentioning that the entire team had work during my vacation and the Covid-19 pandemic situation gripping over the world. In addition, our team manager had mentioned that our team can connect from home until further notice and don’t need to worry about Covid-19 situation. To know more about what happened, please feel free to check out the blog posts in “G R Team Sites”

Friday, March 13, 2020

On-site team replied finally before my vacation

Therefore, to reiterate about my past days, I have been working on the service request for a long time and there have been no updates from the on-site team about the deck shared. As each day passed by, I was getting anxious about my upcoming vacation plan and with no updates from the on-site team, I have no other option but to pass on the ownership to delivery lead, as I had communicated about these changes to both my manager and the delivery lead. Since they do not have control over the updates from the on-site team, they had no other left other than to manage service requests without my presence. Finally, after multiple emails to the onsite team, they have responded to my previous mail stating that the document had all relevant information that the client was looking forward to. In addition, the on-site team was also looking to get some other slides to fine-tune further and in the end, the on-site team stated that they will be taking over from now and the offshore team need not bother about the outcomes. I was so much irritated about their response because I have been following up with them for the past one week and they gave no response. Now the on-site team comes up and requests additional documents as if they are reaching out to me for the first time. However, I have been sending multiple reminder emails requesting updates on the service request and they did not even acknowledge or bother to respond for any of my mails. To know more, please check out “G R Team Sites”

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Multiple iterative changes and stupid conversations

I have already worked with the same delivery person on many service requests earlier and not even one was so complicated and irritating than this one. At one point, I had to extend my working hours to get documents completed on time and the manager who was supposed to be helping me was irritating me and was suggesting some unnecessary changes and iterations. One thing which was going in my way was the client deadline and with each passing day, their review comments started to slow down and even then, they were requesting me to completely change the approach. I started to be quiet and was just listening to their stupid conversations and I knew whatever suggestions or discussions in the call would be rejected later and we must roll back to starting point. As predicted, before the deadline the leadership was requesting to make changes that were made earlier and revert back to the old structure. I was laughing by myself, as I was fighting about these points earlier and no one had enough time to listen to it. To know more, please check out “G R Team Sites”

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Convincing my manager about the work

After getting message from my manager, that all my work on weekend is irrelevant to the client requirements and all the slides have to be reworked again. I was furious at him and was asking him questions about exact client requirements. Now he took a step back and was consoling me that these on-site guys always have the habit of sharing the irrelevant information to us. My manager himself understood that whatever information that I have shared was relevant and I didn’t want him to embarrass further and told him that let’s take the version whatever I have shared to the on-site and get their inputs before even making iterations on the deck. He acknowledged the fact and this time he conveyed to the delivery people that we will take this version to on-site and after getting their inputs we will work on the client requirements. I felt relieved and was hoping to get some relevant information from the on-site team and they acknowledge my work. However exact opposite things happened and to know more, please feel free to check out the blog posts in “G R Team sites”.