Saturday, August 11, 2018

Fuel brand for Ecosport

I have a Ford Ecosport and usually try different types of fuel brands available. Out of all fuel I have tried, I feel only Bharat petroleum fuel gives better mileage than any other fuel brands out there in the market. As of now I have driven almost 27,000 Kilometers in the car, and the total maintenance cost I have spent on the car would be around 8K, including all air filter, oil, punctures etc. Previously I owned a Hyundai i20 and the maintenance cost for that car was extremely high and I have spent almost $3,00,000 in maintenance while it was with me during entire duration. Finally, after so much of struggle I was able to sell off the car to Ford at a very good reasonable price. At times, I feel car has almost became an item to show off your wealth. However, with knowledge of owning cars for more than 8+ I personally feel Car should just be a tool for commuting to your destination at your comfort. But with peer, family and friends pressure you are forced to get expensive car to just enjoy extra comfort and to show off your wealth. Continue reading at “G R Team Sites”

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