Friday, March 13, 2020

On-site team replied finally before my vacation

Therefore, to reiterate about my past days, I have been working on the service request for a long time and there have been no updates from the on-site team about the deck shared. As each day passed by, I was getting anxious about my upcoming vacation plan and with no updates from the on-site team, I have no other option but to pass on the ownership to delivery lead, as I had communicated about these changes to both my manager and the delivery lead. Since they do not have control over the updates from the on-site team, they had no other left other than to manage service requests without my presence. Finally, after multiple emails to the onsite team, they have responded to my previous mail stating that the document had all relevant information that the client was looking forward to. In addition, the on-site team was also looking to get some other slides to fine-tune further and in the end, the on-site team stated that they will be taking over from now and the offshore team need not bother about the outcomes. I was so much irritated about their response because I have been following up with them for the past one week and they gave no response. Now the on-site team comes up and requests additional documents as if they are reaching out to me for the first time. However, I have been sending multiple reminder emails requesting updates on the service request and they did not even acknowledge or bother to respond for any of my mails. To know more, please check out “G R Team Sites”