Sunday, September 16, 2018

No sign of rain slowing down on first day

After closing my office laptop with 30% of battery, I continued to browse through random stuff in my MacBook bro and still I kept it in the hotspot mode. Now the harder part started, I had old Samsung galaxy phone and an iPod Touch 5th generation, since the electricity was not there for a very long time I had charged both these devices to 100% and been browsing in my MacBook Pro. By around 7 PM I felt the harder pain, that my MacBook pro had run out of juice and since I have been using it has a hotspot, every other device which had dependency to internet lost the connection. While all these things were happening, there was continuous downpour of nonstop rain and for the first time during my entire stay at the apartment, I left my home and went to the portico to check out the things happening. When I stepped out I saw monster rains blasting left, right and center without any sign of slowing down and I spent few minutes there and went back to home. When I returned home, I didn’t know it was the last time I had signal bars in my mobile at home. Continue reading at “G R Team Sites”

Monday, September 10, 2018

17. Thought Recalculation of Salary Hike

After knowing from one of my colleagues that he got close to same hike which I have got and another colleague who got unimaginable hike percentage, I was devastated and was cursing myself for my fortune. My entire day got spoiled up and I don’t want to work on any opportunities assigned to me, due to low hike percentage and others being rewarded, while I was the one who has put in lot of effort in the team. Now I wanted to reach home early, just to soak in to my bad luck and low hike percentage. All of a sudden one of my team members, who was a manager pinging me, I thought he wanted to assign me new work and all of a sudden without any hesitation he asked me what was the hike percentage. After few minutes of silence, I conveyed him that I have not yet calculated my percentage and would convey him when I calculate it. He conveyed me that he wanted check whether the hike percentage was same for us or it differs from delivery team. But later I came to know that he actually betrayed me, continue reading at “G R Team Sites”.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Still working on complex opportunity

Now I had to patch all teams and needed to make a promise that I would own up this opportunity including scheduling calls with this complex delivery expert. To ensure smoothness for the opportunity I have scheduled call with both new complex delivery expert and with old delivery expert with whom I had good rapport. Everything I was hoping to work out went out loose and was backfiring me, the new delivery expert was directly speaking with and he avoided speaking with my old delivery expert and the old delivery expert did the same. Of everyone in the call, I am the only person who didn’t have any clue about what’s happening in the call. After few discussions and mails, finally I figured out both had ego issues with each and I had to sort it out to complete this opportunity. However, they were in no mood to listen up with my discussion and was firing with each other on every call I had scheduled. I had very bad time of conveying message with respective delivery expert and was totally pissed off. Both delivery expert was curbing about each other in separate calls with me and was about to escalate each other. Continue reading at “G R Team Sites”

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Fuel brand for Ecosport

I have a Ford Ecosport and usually try different types of fuel brands available. Out of all fuel I have tried, I feel only Bharat petroleum fuel gives better mileage than any other fuel brands out there in the market. As of now I have driven almost 27,000 Kilometers in the car, and the total maintenance cost I have spent on the car would be around 8K, including all air filter, oil, punctures etc. Previously I owned a Hyundai i20 and the maintenance cost for that car was extremely high and I have spent almost $3,00,000 in maintenance while it was with me during entire duration. Finally, after so much of struggle I was able to sell off the car to Ford at a very good reasonable price. At times, I feel car has almost became an item to show off your wealth. However, with knowledge of owning cars for more than 8+ I personally feel Car should just be a tool for commuting to your destination at your comfort. But with peer, family and friends pressure you are forced to get expensive car to just enjoy extra comfort and to show off your wealth. Continue reading at “G R Team Sites”

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Help to find Toys price comparison

The online shopping is the easier way to make your shopping easier and get products at low cost. You may have known wide range of online shopping networks available in Internet, but most networks have high price products, and they may lack in quality of product. So, make sure that you do price comparison and select high quality shopping network for online shopping. The price comparison would help you in different ways such as you get, best price for your favorite products. You must also make sure that you do price comparison in a high quality network that provides various price comparison features. Savebuckets is able to let you compare prices of the best toy shops including, leading high street toy shops such as Hamleys, Argos and Toys are us as well as including results from Amazon and other specialist online toy shops so you can find cheap toys and gifts.