Monday, September 30, 2013

Love Flowers

People of all ages like flowers. People love flowers for their lasting fragrance and beautiful looks. Some flowers will have pleasant smell but some don’t seem to give enough fragrance and yet all the flowers are lovable for their beautiful colors. Flowers are used for different purposes. We use flowers to greet people on many occasions.We gift a flower for wedding and use a flower wreath for funeral. In earlier days, people believed each flower has its own meaning.For example lilies are often used to denote life, and when it comes to roses,they are used as a symbol of love and beauty. Woman like flowers more than men do.Flowers can be used in office rooms and living room for a pleasant atmosphere.It is found by scientists that the good fragrance of flowers in the living room can help people get good sleep with sweet dreams.Flowers are offered to god as a mark of our devotion.

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