Saturday, September 10, 2011

6 Interesting Careers in Health Informatics

Health Informatics is not a much understood profession. Part of the confusion is that Health Informatics is an umbrella term for a wide range of careers. Health Informatics is basically utilizing information gathered during patient check-ins. With that information gathered, then you join the health care industry with the technology industry and the result is solutions for the medical field. This information can be utilized by doctors by putting it in to a computerized expert system and have it guide their diagnosis and recommended treatments.

We have come up with some interesting careers in Health Informatics that can be pursued by anyone with the right credentials.

6 Interesting Careers in Health Informatics

1. Public Health Informatics- This is used for collection, storage, and analysis of public health data. It is practiced in public health agencies at federal and state levels. It uses science and technology to aid in the detection and management of disease in the population.

2. Clinical Informatics- This involves the use of information in health care by clinicians. They break apart and restructure information and communication systems so that access is more efficient for the clinician and results are timelier for the patient. Everyone benefits from the smooth flow of the office.

3. Nursing Informatics- This is defined by the American nurses Association as a specialty that integrates nurse science, computer science, and information science to manage and communicate data, information, and knowledge in nursing. This supports the health of the people world wide.

4. Veterinary Informatics- This is specifically focused on information science, engineering, and computer technology to assist in teaching, practicing, and research of veterinary medicine. Many or the human applications are applied here with minor adjustments to accommodate the animal clientele that Vets have.

5. Dentistry Informatics- Dental Informatics is defined as the application of computer science and information science to improve dental practice, research and program administration.

6. Informatics Educator- Health Informatics is an emerging career that has a definite place in the medical field. There will be people who need to be taught how to merge health care with technology; this makes an educator in high demand. If you are already in the informatics field and you have a lot of experience you could share then this would be a good choice for you.

The list of careers in the Health Informatics field has a lot in common with each other. They are all basically bringing together the information you are gathering on a daily basis and storing it somewhere that is retrievable and useful. What you would have to determine is what area you are most interested in.

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