Friday, September 2, 2011

Experience to Expect In Knee and Hip Replacement Specialists

Guest Blog By: Jaden K.

Have you considered what effect daily activities such as walking have on the human body? We can easily take for granted the usage of our legs, knees and hips for transporting us to our destinations. However, there may be instances in life when the reliable joints of the body become overworked and even damaged.

The cause of knee or hip injury is not easily defined as their deteriorated condition can be a result of literally years of aggravation. Sport injuries account for a number of cases, as do falls and hereditary factors. Once the damage is diagnosed and surgery is required, knee and hip replacement specialists should be considered.

The surgery itself is a common practice for the professional surgeon, but a day or two in recovery is needed to ensure that there are no complications. Once discharged from the hospital, in most cases, a series of rehabilitation is scheduled as an out-patient, although some, as in the case of the elderly, is performed at home.

During recovery, the site of the incision must be kept clean and fresh bandaging applied daily. Some clinicians recommend avoiding taking showers or tub baths for a predetermined period. As the healing process advances, especially with hip replacement, the patient will be instructed and given aids for routine acts like dressing oneself and using the toilet. Should a patient re-injure themselves by non-compliance, the consequences can be both painful and prolonged as a result.

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