Saturday, August 20, 2011

Information of Mines Rescue Services

In recent times, the safety and security have become major concern in mining industry. So, it is important to train and assist people who were working in mining industries. The Mines Rescue Services would be smart option for mining industry as it would train and assist people who were working in mining industry. The Mines Rescue has more than 90 years’ experience assisting the mining industry to manage risk and operate safely. Mines Rescue’s primary role is to provide underground incident response, an area where they excel as a result of harnessing the expertise of decades of experience and the most modern equipment and training facilities. The Mines Rescue Services also play a pivotal role in training, to ensure the highest quality standards and the training packages have been developed by emergency response professionals with various features included such as national qualifications in course development training and assessment, long term practical experience in underground and surface mining response, Emergency preparedness, Mines rescue training and a lot more stud added. For more information and services being offered in mining industry, please feel free to check out the above link.

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