Friday, August 19, 2011

The Genealogy of Bell and Ross Watches

Bell and Ross watches are designed for professional purposes. Their main purpose was at first not for luxury and show of social status but for aircraft and space exploration. Since its purpose was a heavy one, it had to take a group of designers to come up with the watch. The designers were keen and embraced the tradition of Swiss replica watches making techniques. They tried to cater for the demand that which was there by then. The watches were meant to be used by pilots, divers, astronauts and bomb disposal units. The watches have the ability to withstand all the harsh conditions that these people go through. The conditions may include rapid accelerations, unusual pressures and exceptional temperatures.

In 1992, the professionals who had great knowledge about watch-making commenced their work to give birth to Bell and Ross replicasok watches. They made a highly detailed watch with numerous functions. Every single function of the watch has its purpose. The watch was of high precision, water resistant, great performance and trustworthy.

In 1993, Bruno Belamich and Carlos A. Rosillo took their adventure in watch making so as to improve on the existing Bell and Ross watches. They made watches in accordance with the great adjustments in Switzerland watch production. The watches made were reliable and legible for the function that they were meant for. By joining hands with a manufacturer of dashboard meters by the name Sinn, they were rest assured of success. In collaboration, the Space One and Hydro watch brands were made. They went further and improved on Hydro to come up with Hydromax which was capable of being used in underwater exploration of up to 11,000 meters.

In 1994, they made into use the automatic chronometer that which was worn 1983 by an astronaut form Germany by the name Reinhart Furrer. Bell and Ross watches were in use by 1996 in bomb disposal. The French Security unit made use of the watches in their bomb disposal unit. In 1997, a watch that left a world record, Hydro challenger, was born. In 1998, the Space3 chronograph was introduced. It had features like T-crown system and telescope retractable winding crown.

As from the year 2000 onwards, the watches were made public. Multifunctional wristwatches for men were introduced first. The classic style could be found on either digital display or analog display. The replica watches were made popular by making both men and women watches. The watches have grown lighter in weight and different materials like diamond and crystal sapphire being used.

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