Thursday, August 5, 2010

Air Charter Flight Information

Guest Post By: Ida D.

Chartered air flight has become an increasingly popular way for large corporations to reach various destinations around the world. Top executives are often on a tight schedule, which commercial flight simply can't accommodate. An air charter flight can be scheduled to coincide with a busy agenda, allowing executives to make it to all their meetings with punctuality. Depending upon the size of the party flying, different sizes and models of planes can be chosen. There are small, mid-size, and super mid-size jets, turboprops, and helicopters, all of which have different amenities and speeds. The available aircraft range from luxury jets to stripped down basic planes.
Charter companies often have phone lines open 24 hours a day all week long. Depending upon the company, chartered flights can be scheduled less than a day before the flight. This makes a charter perfect for a last minute flight. If, for instance, there is a medical emergency, there are planes and helicopters outfitted with medical equipment and personnel. Cargo planes are also available.
An air charter flight has many advantages over commercial flight, including the lack of time spent waiting in lines for tickets, security, and baggage checking. Since the only people on the plane will be those in your party and those working for the charter company, security checks and metal detectors are far less necessary. There is no chance of your baggage being mislabeled or misplaced, as it will all be right there with you. Overall, chartering a flight can be a wonderful travel experience.

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