Monday, May 17, 2021

Expectation on upcoming new MacBook processors

There were recent rumours that Apple is ramping up the production for M2 processors and the launch is expected to be later half of 2021. With regards to model version, I have already detailed it on the earlier posts published in the G R Team Sites and further M2 processors will have following predictions. Here are few of my predictions. 
  • Naming of M2 processors: With recent successes of M1 processors and their entry into iPad versions, Apple will not let their success wasted. Rather, Apple will name it as M1X processors and will be available only in newer version of MacBook models. 
  • Processing speed: With Apple M1 Mac already exceeding the expectations, Apple will still improve the performance of M1X processors, the processing speed is going to be more than 30% and GPU exceedingly more than 50% 
  • Pricing of new M1X processors: Apple will include the M1X processors only in the latest MacBook models and the pricing of the upcoming model is going to be slightly more than the current MacBook versions. Also, the latest M1X processors might be available only on 12-inch MacBook, 14 inch and 16-inch models. 
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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Online shopping options available for swollen MacBook pro battery

My MacBook Pro battery has swollen, and I have decided to get a replacement battery from online shopping network. However, finding reliable and best suited MacBook Pro battery from Online shopping sites is one of the most frustrating process. I have started to search in most trusted online shopping network available in the country and I got few results for the MacBook Pro batteries. The options are as follows 
  • Rated and expensive: the battery was listed as best suited for my MacBook Pro range and might work well, but the price range was out of my budget and was also rated high among the users. 
  • Low cost and bad ratings: the battery price was affordable, and the ratings were made from other users or buyers who bought the battery. 
  • Unrated and reasonable price: the final listing option was the battery matching my machine was available at affordable price but was not rated by any verified users and the seller seems to be new to the shopping site. 
To know more of what battery option I went ahead, please feel free to check out the blog posts in “G R Team Sites “

Monday, January 18, 2021

How to execute IT projects for your business

Once you have selected your preferred IT team for implementation of enterprise platform for your business day-to-day operations and for enhanced customer experience with your business solutions. Here, we have listed how typical IT projects are executed for your business needs

  • The project would be implemented in a phased manner, with deliverables planned for each phase. Business owner sign-offs is required and would be obtained to close individual phases of the project. 
  • Typical IT implementation team would consist of Project Manager, functional consultants and technical consultants. The functional team would study the “As-Is” business process documentation and interact with the key subject matter experts to further ascertain if the current functions are fully covered. 
  • ïOnce To-be solution is finalized, it is essential for business owner to thoroughly review the proposed solution and ascertain whether any new solution components to be added or the proposal solution meets all the defined business requirements. 

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Monday, November 23, 2020

How Apple ruined my plan of getting a new iPhone

I was using my wife’s android for the past few weeks and was quite frustrated about its complicated app permissions and access to gallery or contacts. I was waiting for the release of a new iPhone version, also there were rumors of Apple launching a cheaper version of the iPhone and later it turned out to be a smaller version of the iPhone. These rumors completely shattered my plans of getting the affordable latest version of the iPhone. However, I was still pessimistic about Apple launching a little lower priced version of the iPhone for the masses and miss out on some features for cost-cutting. I wanted to still hold up my plans of getting a new phone before the launch of the next version of the iPhone or wait a little longer to get a new iPhone. All this while, I was not using my wife’s android phone as much as I wanted to, due to its complicated app permissions and user interface lacking attention to detail. As all rumors pointing out a more expensive version of the latest iPhone and me getting frustrated with using an android phone, the most practical choice for me was to get a basic version of the iPhone or keep my wife’s android phone for a few more months. To know further about my phone plans, please feel free to check out blog posts in “G R Team Sites”

Saturday, September 19, 2020

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